Colin Huijser

Colin Huijser started working as a camera-operator at the age of 19. Shooting productions varying from international sports events to musical festivals and theatre, he went all over Europe while absorbing a ton of experience. At 23 he got accepted at the Dutch Film Academy where he studied Directing. Although it cannot really be taught in his opinion. “Because working on a film is teamwork, an evolving proces that should be a journey where everybody involved has to be at their creative peak to make something unique and worthwhile. And that is the job of the director, to get the best out of every talent available for the production.” He is a visual storyteller, but always works from the inside out: “what is the film about, what is it trying to tell, to say… and what is the best way to do this?” He loves to use different styles, figuring out which one fits best for the story, and is very fond of using humor in his work.